Al Perry and the Cattle Cattle Crossing LP

This band plays hard country rock with a touch of swing, and writes some occasionally funny lyrics. When the CATTLE really let loose, as on “4WDORV” and the instrumentals “Finland” and “El Con Maio,” this outfit grooves with class. Unfortunately, only about half of this album has the kind of energy this style of music requires. An adequate LP.

Al Perry and the Cattle Cattle Crossing LP

Al’s been around and playing the neo-psych world for what seems like forever, and this LP is good to see and a slight departure. Most of it is rowdy country music, but there is some good country blues, and the rest is some plain rockin’ hot dogs. Good fun.

Cattle Escalator Stampede EP

Hmm, “Ghost Riders in the Sky”-type “western” instrumental, pulsing fuzz-guitar industrial punk, ‘77-type dumbo punk, and yet another instrumental—all on one slab. The styles clash, but the music hangs.

Fish Karma To Hell with Love, I’m Going Bowling cassette

Finally, an heir-apparent to the DRIVING STUPID! What is it about Arizona that creates such warped people? Their music is your basic FUGS-style electric grunge-folk, and their lyrics feature some of the meanest put-downs of American consumer culture that I’ve heard in years. Includes “God Is a Groovy Guy,” “Pieces of My Poodle,” and “Cow of My Dreams.”