Roach Motel Roach & Roll EP

Classical-style punk from Florida. The songs are catchy and the recording is raw enough, but the lyrics are about as retarded as you can get, even though they’re meant as jokes. “Wetback” is chauvinistic if not actually racist, and then there are your typical misogynistic, anti-gay, and anti-hippy songs. “More Beer” is a gas, but I bet Anita Bryant would be proud of these “punkers.”

V/A We Can’t Help It If We’re From Florida EP

Five Florida bands share this record. HATED YOUTH are full of clichés, but have a really intense thrash sound; SECTOR 4 do both thrash and fast punk; MORBID OPERA are simultaneously weird, melodic, and garagy, and have female vocals; RAT CAFETERIA offer thrashy punk with gruff singing and some cool guitar leads; and ROACH MOTEL (who put out this entertaining EP) return with more garage thrash, including “My Dog’s into Anarchy,” the best funnypunk song to have appeared so far this year.