Disorder Records

Disorder Distortion to Deafness EP

A bona fide classic, manic thrash punk of the most intense kind. This EP demonstrates that DISORDER is the very best punk group in the UK and the only one that can even approach Yank outfits like MINOR THREAT and the FARTZ in terms of sheer power. If you get only one English record from 1981, this should be it.

Disorder Perdition 12″

Eight tracks from the best of the UK post-DISCHARGE thrashers, though this new stuff isn’t as amphetamine as their earlier releases. That should give you a good idea of their sound. If it doesn’t, stick your finger in a socket for similar results.

Disorder Mental Disorder EP

Jello says that DISORDER has a live sound not unlike the pet-rock of FLIPPER. Maybe, but on record they continue to be a rip-roaring thrash band. The only trace of “pet” is in the screaming choruses and periodic yells. Cool.