Gastunk Mr. Gazime EP

GASTUNK fires it up again with the metallic storm of HC excitement as Baki’s vocals dominate the entire affair, as they should. Heavy and fast, the production is strong, leaving your ears open to the wild attack. Hardcore riffs with metal leads is just one of the reasons this band has risen so fast in Japan.

Gastunk Geronimo / Red Indians Rock 7″

Oh my, GASTUNK scalps the senses with another super release. This band is one of Japan’s best and scorches it out with this Indian-themed release. Excellent packaging opens you to intense echoing shrills. What you’d expect from this band that deserves, ’cause they perform well.

Gastunk The Vanishing Signs 12″

Wild, heavy grinding through some forceful steel punches with solid energy making tight musical compositions. Baki’s vocals are even better than ever as his voice changes for each melody with all the soulful crooning to make it really work. GASTUNK’s fifth release continues the fine sound they have now popularized, leading the way for Japanese speedcore!

Gastunk To Fans EP

One side is 33 and contains a pop-ish thrash tune, the other side is 45 and has a grunger and thrasher, both hot. Also hot is the packaging, a multi-colored, flecked white vinyl EP packaged in a fishnet, plastic cover with “sex” written on it. Wild.