Mr. Spaceman

Cosmic Psychos Down in the Farm 12″

COSMIC PSYCHOS employ a riff-laden punk style with very prominent guitar solos, as well as a strange arty edge that mixes poorly with the punk elements. I’m uninspired by the songwriting, and hope that the self-indulgent wanking doesn’t get in the way of future releases.

Seminal Rats Omnipotent 12″

SEMINAL RATS owe some of their stylistic nuances to fellow Aussies the CELIBATE RIFLES; this seven-track EP rocks hard, especially on standouts like “Rat Race” and “Change.” While none of these tracks will revolutionize rock’n’roll, this release is solid. Very decent, and very Aussie, if you know what I mean.

The Arctic Circles Angel / My Baby Said That 7″

This record captures the Aussies’ rock sound, but without the overwhelming power you’ll find in the LIME SPIDERS or CELIBATE RIFLES. The songs are pleasant and quite listenable; I just felt that an added punch was needed to push it over the top. Adequate.

The Blackjacks Dress in Black / Generic NYC Woman 7″

This Boston-based band cranks out powerful pop-punk. Owing more to ’70s bands like the REAL KIDS than ’60s rockers like the REMAINS, their sound will appeal to lovers of powerful rock’n’roll, hence its release in Australia where that sound still reigns supreme.