Waste Last One Standing EP

This is one of the best XVX records I’ve heard since SEVEN GENERATIONS’ To See The End which came out in 2008. It’s tough as hell, reminiscent of Satisfaction-era HATEBREED and Underdogs-era TERROR with moshy riff after moshy riff and hard-hitting vocals. The lyrics are what I really like about this record; they’re a step beyond those of 2000’s XVX bands, taking on more specific, relevant issues. “Not Your Fight” calls out the savior complexes of men in the hardcore scene: “Self proclaimed rulers / Will fall by our hand / sStep back and listen for once / And realize this isn’t your fight.” The song “True Colors” is about “PC guys” who act “high and mighty” but are actually pieces of shit: “Saw through your fake ass right from the fucking start / Never bought your lies so it came as no surprise.”