Carlos Dunga / Eat You Alive Carlos Dunga vs. Eat You Alive split EP

  • Reviewer Robert Collins
  • Label Autoproduzioni Rurali / Beggar God / Big Sprites / Dickhead / Flipped Up / Gang Green / Ghost Factory / Here And Now / L'é Tütt Folklor / Obdura Distro / Polluted Ideas / Sonos AFDA / Stay

Absolute ripper in the form of an Italian fastcore split. CARLOS DUNGA inserts weird chuggas, unnecessary but awesome solos (and they open with a straight classic rock guitar solo intro that had me scratching my head before the ’core started) but basically deliver face-melting fastcore of the highest order. EAT YOU ALIVE are more metallic and “pro,” they look more to MUNICIPAL WASTE than to ___, but ultimately both bands just want to rage. And so they both rage. Also, I think this came out a number of years ago…