Zeměžluč Kolik A Komu? CD

Brno’s ZEMEZLUC (“Earthworm”) has played powerful straightforward hardcore and chorus-laden punk since 1986(!), and this new sixteen-song album (their first in almost five years) translates to “How Much, To Whom?” There’s so much joy to this record, as it’s just veterans who effortlessly know what they’re doing, throwing out really great riffs and innovative guitar parts and putting forth marching rhythms and strong anthemic choruses. Sung in twisting and scowling Czech, this centers on a mid-tempo pace and is a testament to the well-crafted songwriting that it holds in doing so, as opposed to relying on speed or brutality of impact. Everything is just really well placed; even if you don’t understand Czech, you still want to sing along by the time the songs round to the shout-along parts. The lyrics have that fascinating, deeply thought-out Eastern European existential resistance. A powerful LP for returning fans, and an easy starting point for new ones. Great record!