Hellmaistroz En el Cielo Está el Infierno LP

  • Reviewer Mike Battleaxe
  • Label Bambam / Clandestine Productions / Dogma Destroyer / Exabrupto / Maistro / Mundo en Kaos / Puercords / TLS / Tormentas

I hope you’re ready to go fucking nuts, because this one is some solid-as-fuck crusty hardcore out of Monterrey, Mexico that will have you solo-circle-pitting your bedroom ’till you puke. This is that straight-ahead, heavy-hitting D-beat pummeling that few can deny.  It’s as they say: all killer, no filler. Lyrics are in Spanish, and from my limited understanding of the language I gathered that they think that Nazis and politicians are shit. Features a cover of “Stepping Stone,” the MINOR THREAT version, but they made it about beer …I think. For those that hate to rock: stay well clear. Everyone else, keep an eye out for this one.