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MRR magazine's new-band section "New Blood" is now a regular feature here on maximumrocknroll.com! See below ...

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Carolyn's MRR #380 top ten preview!

Hi. This is Carolyn Keddy, film reviewer, record reviewer, top tenner with some highlights of ...

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Reissue of the Week: X Aspirations LP

Recorded in 1979, utilizing just a few hours of remnant studio time, X forever scarred ...

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Record of the Week: LA FLINGUE/
ORNITORRINCOS Punk to Cross Borders split EP

What a nice surprise! The two Oliviers. A record put out by Olivier Crapoulet featuring ...

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Relatos sobre la Escena Subterránea Peruana: Parte III

Here is the Spanish-language version of part three of our three-part history "Notes on the Peruvian Underground." This originally appeared in English ...

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