MRR Comics & Art Issue Artist Q&A with Luiz Berger

  • Published March 17, 2015 By MRR
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This month’s MRR magazine is the Comics & Art Issue! Throughout March we are highlighting some of the participating artists right here on Today we hear from Luiz Berger from São Paulo, Brazil.


What are your main publishing projects?
I contributed with comics and illustrations to the following zines:
GibiGibi #1 and #2 (Brazil)
Prego #6 (Brazil)
Lodaçal comix Hors-série #1 (Portugal)
Lodaçal comix #7 (Portugal)
Goró (Brazil)
Suspect Device #3 (USA)
Tétanos #3 (Mexico)
Naziosare (Mexico)
Apuckalipse (Italy)
AltCom 2014: POSTAPOKALYPS anthology (Sweden)

What are some of your artistic influences?
I have a huge list of artists I have been influenced by, but I’ll try to keep as short as I can: Basil Wolverton, Gilbert Shelton, R. Crumb, Jano and Vuilleman.

Musical influences?
I love to listen to music to get into the right mood of what I’m drawing. I used to be a psychobilly when I was a kid, so that’s a huge influence for me. The dark humour of the psychobilly music is always present in my comics, but I also listen a lot of punk, metal, surf music, etc.

How would you describe your style of drawing?
A dumber version of the classic underground comics.

What other punk projects are you involved with?
Usually I’m focused on making comics, and editing comic zines, but sometimes I do some artwork for bands and shows. I recently made a cover for the next Garrafa Vazia album (a Brazilian punk band) that I’m really proud of.

What’s in the future for you as a cartoonist/artist?
I’ll probably end up being a millionaire, and make a theme park with my characters. I will paint everything that I have with gold.

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