Artistic Decline


Artistic Decline Four Song EP reissue

I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for bands like ARTISTIC DECLINE. They emerged onto a crowded Southern California field and were too quirky to fit snugly into one of the many micro-scenes that dotted the punk landscape. Moody and tuneful and snide, ARTISTIC DECLINE surfed the same waves as SIMPLETONES, GEARS, and SECRET HATE. “Andy Warhol” is my pick hit, but out of the four songs here, the only semi-duff cut is the closing “Private Shack,” where the slower tempo doesn’t do them any favors. Still, a minor classic reborn, and here’s hoping their Random Violence LP gets the same treatment sooner than later.

Artistic Decline Random Violence LP

I didn’t think this’d ever come out as it was recorded quite a while back, but ran into all-too-typical indie problems. This LP encompasses a whole range of HC styles, none handled generically. Very good L.A. modern punk, so I hope we get to see them live now, too.