D.I. Team Goon LP

The original D.I. 12” is re-released here, along with 3 current tracks. Despite the fact that I dearly love their music, I’ve never seen a band with so many re-appearing tracks on their “new” vinyl. Should be a whole new LP’s worth soon. Dudecore – totally.

D.I. Ancient Artifacts LP

The ADOLESCENTS are often used as a milestone in describing the SoCal thrash sound, and this band with two ex-members of the ADOLESCENTS is the heir-apparent. They pump out nine tunes fast and slow, which epitomize the H.B. sound: clean production, melodic thrash, surf HC guitar, and nasal vocals. Some real classics here.

D.I. Richard Hung Himself 12″

D.I. have well-executed, concise songs with interesting but not necessarily innovative arrangements. There are a lot of obvious influences here—FLIPPER, ADOLESCENTS, CIRCLE JERKS, MISFITS—but the witty lyrics and good production make it plenty entertaining.