DRI Crossover LP

The cover sticker bills them now as “metal,” and there is a lot of thrash in that, but overall it’s still D.R.I. – lyrically and musically (though weighted down at times). While C.O.C. has soured on this “crossover” business, D.R.I. seems to be making a blatant marketing approach – just catch the cover art.

DRI Dealing With It! LP

The layoff and new drummer has not daunted DRI a bit. They’re back as powerful as ever, with 25 songs as wickedly sharp as ever. There are a couple of slower metalish tunes (DRI are big with headbangers), but most are short sharp shocks, and include a couple of reworkings of tunes off their debut release.

DRI Violent Pacification EP

By now, everyone should know that DRI is one of the fastest, tightest, and most powerful thrash bands in history, and their new EP is a total killer. The title cut is a bit slow for them in parts, but the rest are faster than the speed of sound. If these guys aren’t intense enough for you, try pulling your teeth out with a pair of pliers. Awesome.

DRI Dirty Rotten EP

Mix together the early CIRCLE JERKS, early BLACK FLAG, MDC, MINOR THREAT, SSD, TERVEET KÄDET, and GANG GREEN, and you have something approximating these DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILES (so-called by their parents). What can I say—this is manic, intense, tight thrash with great lyrics, and I can’t wait till these Houston boys unleash themselves upon the rest of us deprived people. 22 songs.