Lama Ajatuksen Loppu / Mun Pelko 7″

The newest (and possibly final) release from LAMA displays a reversion to their pre-thrash sound—powerful mid-tempo punk with a heavy guitar attack. I suspect that it was recorded before their album, but it’d be a super addition to anyone’s collection.

Lama Lama LP

Another excellent punk album from Finland. As we’ve already indicated, LAMA aren’t one of the young thrash bands, but an older-style punk group that started in ’78-’79. But that doesn’t mean that they sound like today’s boring English clone groups. They have musical muscle, songs with great dynamics, tightness, and they play pretty damn fast for a bunch of old-timers. Their new thrashed-out version of “Tavastia” is a classic, the high point of this LP. Rumors has that they’re breaking up. What a shame!

Lama Väliakainen EP

Fast classical-style punk with a chunky instrumental attack. It’s really good but not as awesome as some other Finnish hardcore releases. “Paskaa” is the standout cut, with its throbbing bass and drum beat.