Legal Weapon


Legal Weapon Your Weapon LP

LEGAL WEAPON’s second album is a workmanlike collection of slow- to mid-tempo punk rock numbers made more enjoyable by fine female lead vocals. Hardly a revelation, it manages to hit the mark with nicely arranged rockers like “What a Scene” and “Equalizer,” and with ballads like “Only Lost for Today.” Some of these songs go on too long, and this release isn’t as evocative as their debut, but I found myself drawn in by the rich, guitar-oriented production and complex arrangements. Maybe you will, too.

Legal Weapon Death of Innocence LP

This well-produced debut album by LA’s LEGAL WEAPON presents a solid collection of hard rock numbers in the same general style as 45 GRAVE, but without the satanic overtones. Compositions like the kinetic rocker “Daddy’s Gone Mad” utilize Kay Arthur’s rather plaintive voice to good advantage, even though the highlight of Death of Innocence is probably the haunting “Wanna Be”—a ballad. This album definitely grows on you.