Miracle Workers


Miracle Workers 1,000 Micrograms of the Miracle Workers LP

With a title like that, I was expecting to end up on Jupiter after listening, but instead ended up asleep in bed by 10 P.M. Must be weak acid cuz I didn’t hardly get a buzz. Very tame shit, cut thin. Gonna complain to my dealer… Gimme Swedish or Australian for a real flash… this ain’t pure ’60s Owsley!

Miracle Workers Hung Up EP

This is the first solo effort by one of the outstanding bands on The Rebel Kind and Battle of the Garages Vol. 2 samplers. Again, they come up with some fuzzed-out jams with belligerent vocals and psychedelic effects. I only wish they’d do more originals and less covers (here, songs by the SONICS and the 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS).