Offbeats Evolution of the Stickman LP

Surprisingly rockin’ pop-punk/thrash. Based on their last 7”, I thought the OFFBEATS were wimping out, but on this LP, they deliver a lot of wallop as well as catchy songs. No lyric sheet is always a bad sign: either the band puts little stock in their message, or the label could care less.

Offbeats Out of Breath / Don’t Take My Advice 7″

Hard to believe this is the same band as on their pair of EPs (but it largely is). They began as a garage thrash band, moved to a more melodic style of the same genre by their second release, but on the two tunes here they’ve gone way poppier. The A-side is pretty straight pop, while the flip has a bit more garage to it. Can’t say I fully appreciate these changes.

Offbeats I Can See Your House From Here EP

Good production really helps sometimes, and it’s nice to finally really hear this band. All four songs, whether thrash or punk, feature plenty of melody and musicianship, making for hot listening. Really like “Sad.”

Offbeats Why Do You Hang Out? EP

Ohio’s OFFBEATS provide eight lunging melodies of eager exhilaration and swiftness. Strong voltage carries a cargo of stimulation and singalong strutters with scorching boom-crazed guitar. Action-packed juices flow wildly with each agile OFFBEAT firebolt. Like the label states, “Smell the fun.”