Skrewdriver White Power EP

Well, these lunkheads have finally come out of the closet and revealed themselves to be blatant neo-fascists on vinyl. Unlike many others, I don’t use the term “fascist” lightly, but SKREWDRIVER are fascists, pure and simple. With titles like “White Power,” “Smash the IRA,” and “Shove the Dove,” it’s easy to surmise that they have ultra right-wing views on every important issue. The fact that they’ve written three catchy Oi chants is unfortunate, because some misguided souls will pick this up just for the music and inadvertently support these regressive attitudes.

Skrewdriver Back with a Bang! / I Don’t Like You 12″

You’d never know that over five years had gone by from listening to these two skinhead anthem by reformed proto-Oi band SKREWDRIVER. They still sound the same, though perhaps a little less melodic in the guitar arrangements, and their seminal influence on the modern Oi groups is everywhere apparent. Singer Ian Stuart practically wrote the book on the sandpaper sneer that’s so omnipresent today; unfortunately, he also set the ideological tone for the more reactionary groups around now (the LAST RESORT, the 4-SKINS, SPECIAL DUTIES, etc.). I detest SKREWDRIVER’s values, but I can’t stop singing along with these damn songs. What a dilemma!