Soul Asylum


Soul Asylum While You Were Out LP

Live, these guys impress with their tunes, energy, and performance. Here, you get a well-crafted pop LP. I know the HUSKER DU comparison is uncool, but it’s so obvious, along with a REPLACEMENTS touch, that I gotta do it. Power-pop.

Soul Asylum Made to Be Broken LP

This band has always done great pop and post-punk but I have never been able to dig out those essential hooks. I guess they transcend them, because this is a fine recording full of melody and great rockin’ moments. They seem to have split it into a rockin’ and melodic side, but whichever way you splice it, these guys deserve attention.

Soul Asylum Tied to the Tracks / Long Way Home 7″

Perfect. Just perfect. This is exactly what I wanted this band to sound like when they released their first EP; here, they’ve tightened up the sound with engaging melodies wrapped around a ripping Midwestern Bob Mould production.

Soul Asylum Say What You Will… 12″

Joseph at Systematic described SOUL ASYLUM’s sound as “thick,” and given that Bob Mould of the HÜSKERS did the production, I think you can figure out what that means. Most of the songs have a dense, rockin’, chunky sound with some power and gruffness behind them. They’ve got decent drive, but they’re more rockish than punky.