Soulside This Ship / Madeleine Said 7”

To call this a SOULSIDE record feels pretty misleading. Sure it’s the same people but it sounds much more like SOUNDGARDEN than any of the band’s releases from back in the ’80s. Not surprisingly, it has more in common with post-SOULSIDE bands. Musically, it is pretty hard rock or grungy, tonally in the GVSB range but it doesn’t flow quite as well as those songs did. The vocals here don’t have that stunted, yelled/sung feel. They fill out the songs a little more, sounding like a deeper aged version of RAIN LIKE THE SOUND OF TRAINS. Even more disappointing, the best song on the digital release, “Survival,” an upbeat, catchy tune that still doesn’t sound like the old version of the band, is not included on the vinyl.

Soulside Less Deep Inside Keeps LP

From the ashes of LUNCHMEAT, this band kicks out a strong melodic hardcore sound much like that of early SCREAM. Catchy riffs, clear vocals, pounding bass and personally political lyrics create memorable music backed up with true feelings. Good stuff!