The Burnt


The Burnt Social Disease / Plastic Girls 7″

A self-released 45 from NJ’s BURNT. “Social Disease” is a great garage punker with raunchy guitar, gruff but plaintive lead vocals, catchy melodies and entertaining serio-comic lyrics. The flipside is a faster anti-gurl rant with much less overall appeal. Good primitive sound.

The Burnt Where’s My Head? LP

The BURNT recorded this album on an 8-track machine in a basement somewhere, and the songs explore a variable-speed thrash style with growling vocals. It’s a good piece of work, too; most of the songs are concise, to-the-point thrashers, and there’s at least one mini-classic (“Garbage Can”).

The Burnt The M.P. EP

Primitive mid-to-fast-paced punk with a garage aesthetic and some fetching guitar parts can be found on this debut. The production is uneven at best, and the music is occasionally sloppy, but the BURNT display enough enthusiasm to make up for these shortcomings. “Industrial Accident” is a minor classic, due in part to an amazingly cool chorus.