The Fartz


The Fartz World Full of Hate… 12″

Not quite up to the standard set by their debut EP, but still excellent. Some of the thrashers run together indistinguishably, and slower metal songs like “Hero’s” and Black SABBATH’s “Children of the Grave” don’t cut it, but in general, the same qualities that made their 7” so great—sneering vocals that could strip the paint off walls, raging instrumental power, and perceptive lyrics—are well in evidence on this 12″. If you play it loud enough, you can a) make the Silent Majority wilt with “Battle Hymn of Ronnie Reagan,” b) do agit-prop work on the R.C.P. with “Don’t Want No Gun,” c) put fascists on the run with my fave “Take a Stand (Against the Klan),” d) drive your nosey neighbors crazy with any of these 16 tracks, or e) manage all of the above. This record’s an all-purpose ass-kicker, so use it.

The Fartz Because This Fuckin’ World Stinks… EP

My favorite release of 1981, and that’s saying a lot given the quality of the competition. The FARTZ thrash so hard and fast that they leave most hardcore bands behind in a cloud of dust, but they still manage to exercise a lot of brainpower. This EP is as intelligent, frenetic, and intense as any you’re likely to hear, so get it now before it’s out of print.