The Lurkers


The Lurkers The Final Vinyl 12″

As a long-standing LURKERS fan, I can only wonder why Clay decided to release mediocre material that only serves to tarnish the memory of a once-great ’77 punk band. Side one contains two unexciting post-punkish numbers (one being a lame cover of WILSON PICKETT’s “Midnight Hour”); side two features a commercial synth-pop thang (“By the Heart”), a hot already released punky blast (“Frankenstein Again”), and a decent slower punk-pop cut. Sad.

The Lurkers Frankenstein Again / One Man’s Meat… 7″

If you ever wondered what would happen if Pete Stride’s punky-pop compositions were recorded in a 24-track studio, this single provides the answer. The result is good snappy tunes driven by DISCHARGE-like power, a hot combination. The lyrics on the A-side are well taken. ERAZERHEAD, make a note of the change.

The Lurkers This Dirty Town / Wolf at the Door 7″

They’re back? Yes, but with a new vocalist, and two incompetently written and edited ’77-genre punk rock-outs. While I admired the hard guitar sound, the songs here (especially “Wolf at the Door”) go on far too long, and with surprisingly primitive production to boot. Was this the same outfit who did “Freak Show” and “Last Guitar in Town”? The old LURKERS are nowhere in sight.