The Partisans


The Partisans Time Was Right LP

I’ve always been partial to the unique punk stylings of the PARTISANS, and their latest album, which contains one side of studio and one of live tracks, is quite strong. Most of the studio material has a richly arranged, dense rock ’n’ roll flavor, but with an abrasive hardcore edge. Their new version of “I Never Needed You” is much more raw and powerful, and the meaty, mid-tempo pop-punk title track is surely the best. The live songs are also excellently recorded.

The Partisans The Partisans LP

Both consistent and powerful, this debut album by the PARTISANS contains a bevy of fine composition exploring themes of social protest and youth rebellion. An exciting version of “17 Years of Hell” accompanies new streamrollers like “No U-Turns” and “I Never Needed You”—possibly the best material this band has ever committed to vinyl. A lyric sheet would have been appreciated, but it’s more than made up for by the twelve straightforward, unpretentious punk anthems here.