The Zero Point


The Zero Point The Murmur EP

This Danish outfit plays rock in a darker, discordant vein which tries to maintain power through atmosphere. “Who Is the Man…” almost pulls it off, but the overall effect of this EP is nondescript – as if the band were purposely trying to distance you from the music.

The Zero Point Ha!! EP

A 7” shared by two Danish bands with the same personnel. ZERO POINT performs one melodic hardcore tune and one guitar-oriented stop/start number with a synth accompaniment and bright lyrics. HA! have a somewhat slower punk attack and raspy vocals like Jake from STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, though “Working Class Zero” is a speedier blast with an epic chorus. There’s some quality material here.

The Zero Point Fashion cassette

Experimental punk from Denmark. A raw guitar assault and excellent lyrics are wedded to quite varied arrangements—some are thrashed out, some are slow, some are staccato, some are unrelentingly driving, etc. “Government, the Biggest Enemy” hurtles along at a breakneck pace and comes in first on the Bale scoring system.