Upright Citizens


Upright Citizens Kiss Me Now 12″

Despite the uninspiring cover art and the LED ZEPPELIN-like intro to the title song, this new release has all the UPRIGHT CITIZENS ‘ trademarks – tight, imaginative instrumental arrangements, plaintive lead vocals, memorable hooks, and generally on-target lyrics.

Upright Citizens Open Eyes, Open Ears, Brains to Think & A Mouth to Speak LP

If you’re unfamiliar with the UPRIGHT CITIZENS, this domestic release is a collection of some of this German band’s finest stuff. Newly recorded, it exhibits the umph and stamina of a well-rehearsed band with exuberant rhythms and strong medium-paced melodies. A good dose of excellent stuff in the BYO tradition.

Upright Citizens Facts and Views EP

A Swedish release from this German band could prove to be their best yet. Well thought-out English lyrics, and the song “Future Dreams” features crafty acoustic guitar work as the structure is close to that of the ALARM. The other four tunes all rage with clean riffs and rapid aggression. This is such an exceptional release, you should be demanding this in your stores all across the globe. UPRIGHT CITIZENS to tour the US this summer, this could be a band not to miss.

Upright Citizens Make the Future Mine & Yours LP

One of Germany’s better bands follows their 12”er with another mixture of thrash and punk. All of it is competent, and some of it is especially moving. I love the cut entitled “The End,” which is moody and scary until all hell breaks loose. As the UPRIGHT CITIZENS say, “fuck their wars.”