Zynthslakt Hit Med Stålarna EP

This 7” represents the tracks ZYNTHSLAKT released on two split EPs with N.O.S. and the PAST, and the material here is gritty, catchy, and highly original. A rockin’ punk style is evident on all six songs, though I was particularly drawn to the vocal choruses on “Es Ist Krieg.” A good one.

Zynthslakt Spray På En Vägg 12″ EP

ZYNTHSLAKT on this solo release pushes forth a full aggressive punk flavor. This Swedish ensemble hits with some hard-hitting blows, using raw guitar and drum mixtures with harmonious vocals, a little say, and just pure driving energy.

Zynthslakt / N.O.S. Och Hör Sen!! split EP

N.O.S. have two fairly unappealing cuts in a slower, brooding vein with some rich and bass-y guitar accompaniment. ZYNTHSLAKT, however, write powerful mid-tempo tunes with some deft touches in the arranging department, as on the excellent “Paga,” with its nifty two-channel alternating vocals. In fact, that one cut makes this Swedish EP well worth buying.

The Past / Zynthslakt 7 Låtars split EP

Two bands appear here. Rambunctious political punk rushes from the grooves of the PAST. Foot-stomping melodies, shot forth through whining distorted guitar and shrill vocal yells, are pumped in short doses of up-tempo bursts. ZYNTHSLAKT shares a similar quality, dealing more with a harmonious sound than a breakneck attack. Lots of variety, but still holding your attention.