HUL – “Den Danske Ungdom” LP

  • Published April 22, 2009 By Randy
  • Categories Reviews

Dear Reader, you are so lucky this reissue is seeing the light of day. Pre-AMDI PETERSEN’S ARMÉ, YOUNG WASTENERS, and NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS, etc… and this is the crème de la crème. Den Danske Ungdom is an impeccable record—it’s on my top-ten of post-Y2K records, and it’s a desert island pick for sure. This record is a beast—from the first drop of the needle your hit with a wave of fervid urgency and power, that first guitar lick forever etched into one’s brain. The vocals are so pure and honest with such youthful vigor and abhorrence with every squeak and prepubescent crack being utter hardcore perfection. The songs so original/memorable you’ll want to flip this record over and over again until you’ve retained all its beauty; how often is the first record or output by a group of kids this accomplished? I’m writing all this now without having listened to it in over a week. It’s just one of those records that is an instant classic, a true rarity in today’s saturated heap of terrible to mediocre records. What I’m saying is this is a scorched earth policy. I’m putting it on now and am set to explode. Pick Your King of a new generation? You bet. (Hjernespind Records)