Record of the Week:
A Tale of Rotten Orange 2xLP comp

  • Published August 25, 2011 By MRR
  • Categories Reviews
Holy crap!! This is an insane yet impressive compilation!! 39 previously unreleased tracks from a shit-ton of shit-hot bands, all DIY and from California and all on a nicely packaged double LP… color vinyl even!! Damn. I can only imagine the massive task it was to get all the tracks from each of these bands as well as band photos, logos, contact info, etc. There are even lyrics included! If nothing else, Orange Fight deserves huge props for getting this beast of a release out and on vinyl!! But the best part is that this ain’t just a pretty face… The bands and songs on this are all for the most part top-notch! Of course there will always be some lemons on every comp (yes, that was meant to be a pun: lemons on a comp called Rotten Orange. Get it?) Anyways… it’s not worth pointing out the weak spots on this as they are few and far between, but rather to highlight the bands that stand out such as SMOGTOWN, the STITCHES, the DOGS and BONECRUSHER of course!!! And an extra special detail about this record for me is that there is even a picture of our beloved and dearly missed friend Bruce Roehrs on the insert in a live crowd shot of the band I-9 from their show here in SF about two years ago or so… This is the kind of record that Bruce would have loved, so if that’s not a good enough reason for you to wanna check this out, then in Bruce’s colorful way with words, you’re probably a dribble-dick, pencil-neck anyways!! (Orange Fight Records)

—Mike Josephson’s review from MRR#340