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Firestarter “Saturday Night” 7″

  • Published January 12, 2011 By MRR
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FIRESTARTER – Saturday Night (Is the End of the World) / Rock’n’Roll People 7″

Fuck yeah!! This is brand-fucking-new material from the incredible Japanese powerpop/punk band FIRESTARTER!! For anyone who is not familiar with them, they the group that rose from the ashes of TEENGENERATE with Fink at the helm. FIRESTARTER is as fucking amazing a power-pop band as TEENGENERATE was an unbelievably awesome garage band. The A-side on this sounds like a way cooler version of the BAY CITY ROLLERS if they were Japanese, and the B-side (after a bit of a plodding, melodramatic start) is an anthem of all anthems in the spirit of HOLLYWOOD BRATS or the BOYS. Overall, if I didn’t see the year 2010 on the jacket, I would be hard-pressed to believe that this 7” wasn’t from the ’70s!!! (Shit Sandwich)

—Mike Josephson MRR #333 • Feb 2011