Record of the Week: La Misma

  • Published November 6, 2015 By Lydiya
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LA MISMA – “Kanizadi” LP
This is so perfect just go buy it now—just do it! LA MISMA from New York are a force to be reckoned with and, after just one 7” and a few demos, this ferocious full-length hurtles through the punk universe like a blazing comet! I can’t single out one song on this record because the consistency and character—the bite!—is found in every song. Each jam packed with pogo power, this is short and fast, heavy and solid, structured but crumbling under the intensity of the execution. A commendable homage to the CRISIS guitar sound, fueled by UK82 punk power and laced with the venom of ’80s Italian punk, but never limited or overshadowed by those influences. The guitar mixes creeping hooks and solos with frontal-attack riffs. The hypnotic bass booms and rumbles with the power of a coming earthquake. The stomping, cymbal-crashing drums are crude and commandeering like a primeval instinct. The vocalist spits, squeals and yelps, all passionate Portuguese delivery and transfixing impressionistic lyrical content. The result is spine-chilling, catchy and driving all at the same time. The production works around the core sound like a Rubik’s cube doing every element justice—the twisting guitar distortion, the bristle and weight of the bass, the dissonance in the vocals, the pitch and punch in the drums. 18 minutes and 53 seconds of white-knuckled, jaw-clenching, hair-raising energy that has my mind and body positively ecstatic. Comes with a 28-page booklet and A2 poster designed by the vocalist. For fans of: good fucking music! Exceptional! (Lydia A)
(Toxic State / La Vida Es Un Mus)