Aburadako White Wolf 12″ EP

A powerful effort that crosses sonic punk with a frenzied, bizarre quality, yet lacing all the different elements of punk into the sound. Chanting vocals with background screams are added for an interesting effect, as the up/down, stop/start chord changes make this Japanese group unusual but enjoyable. Mysterious slices of doom to haunt and taunt at your swelling brain.

Baws Let’s Have a Ball flexi EP

A three-song Japanese Oi record. Musically, it’s pretty good, with power and lost of catchiness. But to really appreciate this disc, you’d have to read the lyric sheet; the most bizarre translation to English I’ve seen yet.

Dead Cops Kill the Cops flexi EP

A Japanese band that seems to be heavily influenced by MDC in terms of both moniker and lyrical concerns, though they’re far more superficial if not fatuous. Their sound, however, is a dense metallic buzz underlying raspy, zombie-like vocals (especially on the title song). I think the singer is American.

Disarray Social Victim flexi EP

Seven quickly delivered songs with wild guitar whines, definitely inspired by DISCHARGE (or a speedy MOTÖRHEAD), with convincing raw power and sonic steerings of chaotic disorder. Fuzzy, distorted guitar overpowers each number that feeds back into stomping charges of mayhem. A band to watch for.

G-Zet 99 Sheeps 12″

Like GISM, G-ZET straddles the line between metal punk and speed metal, but definitely tend more toward the metal side. Moreover, their guitars aren’t as piercing and their vocals aren’t as demented, making this a less impressive effort all around. Headbangers should go for it; others won’t be as enthused.

G-Zet 99 Sheeps 12″

Maniacal Japanese speedcore with a lot of bass, driving some outrageous power to the forefront with a mayhemic beat. Metallic guitar riffs, garroting drum pulsations, and that sonic bass blistering. Both songs are instrumentals and each has its own charisma, nothing lost without the vocals.

Gauze Fuck Heads LP

Unlike a lot of contemporary Japanese HC bands, this group delivers some very powerful HC without resorting to metal influences. Really well done recording and come distinctive touches add up to one hot release.

LSD Destroy flexi EP

Snarls of garage hardcore rawness with tinny guitar distortion over blasted by growling vocals. Hoarse, rough, yet still kicking it out, this Japanese band runs for that total, graunch sound, and do it well.

Masturbation 被害妄想 12″

Have they heard FLIPPER in Japan? Actually, that’s not really fair or accurate, as this band has a lot more elements of punk, metal, and melody in their dissecting approach. But there’s something in the intentionally sluggish approach to warrant the comparison.

Nurse Nurse II EP

NURSE is a unique Japanese ensemble with a female singer and an eclectic, guitar-heavy approach to punk music. On this EP, they produce poppy punk with a rockin’ beat (B-2); post-punk (A-2); slow, hook-laden punk (B-1); and two thrashers, one (A-1) with screeching “nyah nyah” vocals, the other (B-3) with a pummeling beat and shit-hot guitar breaks. Marvelous.