Charta 77 Sista Dansen LP

This, CHARTA 77’s second album, continues in the fast punk/occasional thrash groove they’ve established. Mostly tuneful material with a steady (sometimes too much so) beat, chorus back-up singing, and every now and then a song that jumps out from the rest. Good, but not awesome.

V/A Birdskit I LP

A four-band comp, featuring CRISMA KAOS (melodic thrash), SLAM (metal-laden), PAST (straight-on melodic thrash), and BIZARR (melodic thrash, with the most bite here). All in all, OK, but not awesome.

The Past / Zynthslakt 7 Låtars split EP

Two bands appear here. Rambunctious political punk rushes from the grooves of the PAST. Foot-stomping melodies, shot forth through whining distorted guitar and shrill vocal yells, are pumped in short doses of up-tempo bursts. ZYNTHSLAKT shares a similar quality, dealing more with a harmonious sound than a breakneck attack. Lots of variety, but still holding your attention.