Nabat Un Altro Giorno Di Gloria LP

NABAT, Italy’s longest running skinhead band, returns with their original and hard-hitting Oi, this time delving into reggae a bit as well. Consistent, diverse, and powerful stuff. This LP is dedicated to Nelson Mandela (among others), which sets NABAT prominently apart from the racist stupidity of most other bands. Good.

V/A Quelli Che Urlano Ancora… LP

Maybe I’m getting spoiled by all the great Italian HC releases of late, because this comp just doesn’t reach the energy or excitement level I’ve grown accustomed to. Most of the bands here (BASTA, CANI, DIOXINA, HOPE & GLORY, ROUGH, SS20, KLAXON, among others) turn in older-style punk or Oi sounds that just don’t overwhelm. Even the normally excellent NABAT doesn’t really break through.