Melvins Easy As It Was EP

Slow, grinding punk with a metal influence. This band relies less on annoying solos, though, and more on a crunching pace to knock you down. Victor loves these guys, but then again, Victor is crazy—so test these waters ourselves.

Skin Yard Skin Yard LP

This band does a dark, rolling sound and also has a lot of instrumental finesse. Some of the guitar…uh..“hoodling” sounds a lot like GONE and the vocalist has a touch of NICK CAVE without being obnoxious about it.

V/A Deep Six LP

Seattle-area bands here, mostly in the speed metal vein and no-so-speedy metal vein. You get two to four tunes each from GREEN RIVER, MELVINS, MALFUNKSHUN, SKIN YARD, SOUNDGARDEN, and one from U-MEN. Passable.