Basta Non Posso Sopportare Questa Sporca Situazione EP

BASTA have captured a rich, bassy instrumental sound on this debut EP, which features some solid mid-tempo Oi anthems. Of the compositions here, “Nessum pudore” and the tasty “Caos” exploit the raw guitar assault and gravelly Italian vocals to good result. Recommended.

Nabat Scenderemo Nelle Strade EP

This is what the IRON CROSS EP sounds like on 45 rpm. The same drill press guitar is joined to gravelly singing and primitive production, a combination that’s light years ahead of crap like the BUSINESS. NABAT almost change my mind about Oi with this nasty entry.

Nabat Laida Bologna EP

NABAT’s second EP contains a bevy of aggressive Oi onslaughts with those delightful soccer choruses you can almost sing along with. The amazingly raw guitar sound and distinctive material found on their debut 7” is somewhat lacking this time around, but I still enjoyed this record, especially the catchy “Potere nelle strade.”

V/A Skins e Punks = TNT EP

Side one is real mediocre, with DIOXINA’s standard slow UK punk and a ska tune by ARRM, but side two is killer. ARRM returns with some blistering stuff, NABAT showcases some fast Oi, and RAPPRESAGLIA rips out strong thrash.