Agnostic Front Liberty & Justice For… LP

Full-on speedmetal now, losing most all previous distinctiveness. Lyrics remain angry but vague. Some are anti-state, or at least what it does to the individual, others are critical of those who oppose. Last time we talked, they said that they were getting away from the stupidity of what the skin scene became, yet here they cover the IRON CROSS anthem “Crucified.”

The Accüsed More Fun Than an Open Casket Funeral LP

Mixed with the gore tunes, there’s a surprising amount of thoughtful tunes, though the onslaught of music doesn’t seem incongruous with sensitivity. Subjects include anti-pope, nuclear power, child abuse, religion. Musically, it’s standard Combat fare, tuneless speedmetal.

The Exploited Horror Epics LP

Another hot-sounding release from the EXPLOITED (most all their records have gotten good reviews in MRR—can’t say the same about Wattle’s mentality), with both thrash and slightly post-punk rhythmic tracks really ripping. Oh, and thanks, EXPLOITED, for the “fuck off” on the back cover; coming from you, it’s a real compliment.