Corrosion of Conformity Animosity LP

Smack! Wallop!…Rough punches of raw lightning-fast metallic energy as this new C.O.C. broadens their audience range. Now a three-piece with bassist Mike Dean coughing out the vocals, the excitement never stops while Woody grinds out the gritty chords and Reed pounding that skin-kit. Might seem a bit different, but no band keeps it abrasive like C.O.C.

Cracked Actor Nazi School / Judy in Disguise 7″

This New York outfit pounds out a stirring anthem directed against the stupidity and regimentation of our “educational” system (along with a mouldy JOHN FRED cover song). It’s medium-fast older-style punk rock with great lyrics and catchy choruses in the early SHAM 69 vein. You’ll flunk unless you give it a listen.

Dr. Know This Island Earth LP

Not as close to speedmetal as some might guess, this record has a good, steady rhythmic beat, interesting vocals, dark lyrics, and loud guitar that at times falls down towards wanking leads. When these pieces are put together, a rocking sound comes forth – but in many ways is too consistent and tiresome.

DRI Dealing With It! LP

The layoff and new drummer has not daunted DRI a bit. They’re back as powerful as ever, with 25 songs as wickedly sharp as ever. There are a couple of slower metalish tunes (DRI are big with headbangers), but most are short sharp shocks, and include a couple of reworkings of tunes off their debut release.

DRI Crossover LP

The cover sticker bills them now as “metal,” and there is a lot of thrash in that, but overall it’s still D.R.I. – lyrically and musically (though weighted down at times). While C.O.C. has soured on this “crossover” business, D.R.I. seems to be making a blatant marketing approach – just catch the cover art.

Ugly Americans Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed LP

This one took me by quick surprise. A vast improvement over their previous vinyl. The band has discovered a new crossover between musical styles and seem to be taking it in the right direction, with not as much of a metal influence as I expected. There’s more of a chaotic, awkward, complicated power pounding sound. The lyrics are creative and slightly twisted, but only add to the record’s sound. Hard to classify, but I like it!

Ugly Americans Philadelphia Freedom EP

For the most part, a letdown from the band’s previous releases. The title track is laced with funk guitar and sing-alongs, and the remaining ones lean towards offbeat rock’n’roll. Musically, the material seems to be missing what the band was aiming for.

V/A Complete Death LP

This compilation contains a few tracks from already released LP’s (DR. KNOW, COC, MENTORS), some unreleased tracks (DRI, UGLY AMERICANS, BEYOND POSSESSION), and a few odds and ends (INSOLENTS, DEPRESSION, and CIVILIAN TERRORISTS). As you might guess, this is death/speed metal up the ass. Aargh!