Disorder Records

Disorder Distortion to Deafness EP

A bona fide classic, manic thrash punk of the most intense kind. This EP demonstrates that DISORDER is the very best punk group in the UK and the only one that can even approach Yank outfits like MINOR THREAT and the FARTZ in terms of sheer power. If you get only one English record from 1981, this should be it.

Disorder Under the Scalple Blade LP

“Make Homebrew, Not War” serves as the motto of the second pummeling DISORDER 12”. And they must live by it, judging from the production here, which is too weird and primitive to have been created while sober. That’s not a criticism, but a statement of fact, as fuzzy guitars scream out from toilet bowls, drums are hollow and loud as shit, and trebly bass licks rumble around, all complementing DISORDER’s absurd brand of thrashing noise perfectly. Drunk and disorderly.

Disorder Gi Faen I Nasjonalitenten Din LP

A collection of DISORDER’s most popular material, all of which is recorded live. The production is very rough and the music supports the band’s ability to turn out some of the best loud, noisy, raunchy thrash. Definitely a potent and raw release.