Happy Hermit Co.

Earle Mankey Real World EP

MANKEY is the hotshot producer who did the last THREE O’CLOCK LP. Yawn…he’s heavily into pop and electronics, so you get quirky songs similar to early SPARKS stuff. One track, “Close Shave in Burma,” has a nice late-’60s English pop single sound, but one track doesn’t make an album.

Target of Demand Man’s Ruin 12″

This new Long Beach hardcore group seems to have been influenced quite a bit by DRI The comparison shouldn’t be exaggerated, however, because TARGET OF DEMAND adds characteristic SoCal hooks to their intense thrash attack, and the results are startlingly good. Of the songs, “The Poor Rich” takes a potshot at wealthy Malibu residents endangered by mudslides, and “Judgement” and “Plastic Bullets” are particularly savage and to the point thematically. Quintessential American ’80s thrash.