Hard Core Horror

DNA A Trip to the Land of the Dead… and Back 12″

Swedish exhilaration, wild and chaotic delivering speedy punches with gruff, raunched-out vocals. In the tradition of the SHITLICKERS and ANTI-CIMEX, D.N.A. pushes a rapid pace with enough energy to keep it all together, odd guitar leads and strong bass surges are the prominent highlights as this outfit terrorizes in mayhemic melodies.

Libresse Krystvärkar LP

Boy this one’s kinda hard to figure. The sound here is slow and grungy like some mutant of ST. VITUS, if you can put up with that they do it fairly well. But they do manage to pick up the pace during a number of songs. Plus a vocalist who sounds like he’s constipated and he’s doing his best to “force the issue”. Not incredible but worth a listen.