Some Weird Sin Sky’s the Limit 12″

Here’s one for diehard fans of the SAINTS and RADIO BIRDMAN. This new Canadian group has the same heavy yet tasty double-guitar sound, half-sneering/half-sung ’60s punk vocals, and high-quality songwriting as their Australian mentors. Aside from a couple of slow numbers (“Walls Are Falling In” and “Action”), these gutsy blasts are pretty damn irresistible.

Stretch Marks Who’s In Charge? EP

A strong Canadian release by Winnepeg’s STRETCH MARKS. The material ranges from thrash to classical punk, and it has some heavy metal guitar embellishments. I think it’s real entertaining, especially the hilarious “Dog’s World.” Don’t miss out.

Unwanted Shattered Silence LP

Metal riffs and infuriating lead guitar breaks mar this somewhat nondescript album of heavy metal-punk from Winnipeg’s UNWANTED. There’s good energy and responsible lyric content on this one, but the uninspired music leaves me cold. The numbers “Party Degs” and the LP’s title track are adequate, but hardly appealing. Too bad.