Box of Fish Erosion / Sex Cat Killer 7″

On this Australian post-punk release, a noisy fuzz guitar overlays heavy bass and drum rhythms, thereby setting an ominous tone. While it may be a bit repetitious, there are definitely some original ideas here.

Box of Fish Slap Em Round the Gills 12″

Another fine release from this great, fuzzy Aussie garage band. Although some of their stuff Is really comparable to KILLING JOKE, BIRTHDAY PARTY, and even FLIPPER, a lot of people might find them a little derivative, but I think they’re a whole mess of fun. Makes you feel dirty just slapping them on the turntable.

Progression Cult New Blood EP

A real primitive-sounding EP from one of Australia’s few politically oriented bands. Musically, PROGRESSION CULT has that plodding, medium-tempo Britpunk approach, with occasional sing-alongs and a certain degree of sloppiness. The songs on the B-side have more punch, and the lyrics are quite good, but they need to cohere more to sound contemporary.

Undertakers Danger in my Mind / True to Me 7″

A foot-tapping pop-punk release from Australia that reminds me of the halcyon days of British hard pop (1979-’80). I’m a sucker for good melodies backed by loud guitars, and “Danger in My Mind” fits that bill well. The production could be rawer, and the B-side is almost post-punky, but this still deserves a listen.