Mind Matter

Liberté? / A State of Mind Don’t Vote… Subvert split flexi

A five-song statement on the drawbacks of participating in what they consider to be the farce of electoral politics. It includes chants, rap, funk, poetry, and thrash, all performed with gusto by a variety of shifting personnel, an arrangement which epitomizes their anarchist approach. Unique and timely.

A State of Mind What’s the Difference? Animal/Humyn Exploitation EP

Set to folk music anarchist punk, or weird post-punk, we’re assaulted with pleas, information, and harangues about the abuses to both the human species and animalkind. Can’t say I’m attracted to the tunes but those who are adventurous musically or inquisitive/passionate about the subject matter will be rewarded.

Christ on Parade Isn’t Life a Dream? EP

Delightful raw production sets the atmosphere for this five-song EP. The music is set to a clean fast tempo and involves simple changeovers and stead beats. The vocals are shouted and represent an angry tone. Overall, this seems to have captured a strong DIY feel by bringing back some of punk’s basic nature.

Christ on Parade A Mind is a Terrible Thing LP

A full 17 song LP from this durable Bay Area band. They’re varying the pace more these days, and in this case it really works well. Excellent recording, great passionate vocals and screams, and definitely worth a listen. Cool label, too. Support this!

Cyrnai Charred Blossoms 12″

The “music” herein definitely falls without our normal range of coverage, but as its done by a person (playing all instruments, singing, artwork) involved in the scene who also has an ad in this issue, I thought I’d take a stab: surrealistic experimental, overdubbed, mellow weirdness, special effects, poetic print and lyrics—outside.

Liberté? Racism in America 6″ flexi

The second flexi put out by this group of challenging folks. This is a rap vocal accompanied by a funk rhythm and punk fuzz guitar. It comes with an informational book and lyrics—another excellent job from committed punks.