No Core

Corrosion of Conformity Eye for an Eye LP

Wild, abrasive power that blares out with growling punches of intensity. Snarling guitar distortion and rapid chord changes smack down crucial crunches of feverous exertion, as vocalist Eric rasps out harsh grumbles of throat-bursting ferocity. Fast thrash with raw sonic slaughterings of chaos, thrusted with convulsions of strong lyrical stamina. Only a few bands can excite with C.O.C.’s tough-sounding power. Earth-shattering and ear-blasting.

Honor Role The Pretty Song LP

HONOR ROLE has devolved since their highly distinctive debut. Time seems to have eroded the vocal uniqueness and punky tightness of the past; while there’s good, hard guitarwork and some interesting ideas, not one song really stands out from the pack.

V/A No Core cassette

Four groups—COLCOR, NO LABELS, NO ROCK STARS, and CORROSION OF CONFORMITY—share this effort to show the world that hardcore lives in the American South. Well, if this is representative, it not only lives, it thrives! The cassette’s cover sums it up: it shows a Rebel flag being burned.

V/A Why Are We Here? EP

The STILLBORN CHRISTIANS, NO LABELS, BLOODMOBILE, and COC contribute about three songs each to this exceptional testimony to the variety and power of the North Carolina hardcore scene. Don’t miss out.