No Pigs Broken Promises EP

More political thrash from Holland (except for the slower “Shoplifting”). NO PIGS don’t really break down any stylistic barriers, but their trebly buzzsaw guitars and flailing, high-pitched drumming provide plenty of brain battering. Some of the lyrics here are particularly incisive, so grab this if thrash still moves you.

V/A Beware of the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing LP

An incredible comp from Holland featuring seven bands with a good selection of several songs each. Lots of good Dutch thrash from NO PIGS, who continue the madness evident on their blasting EP, sheer havoc from S.C.A., power and energy of NOG WATT, the split second attack from GEPØPEL, the sonic thrust of DEADLOCK, and good tracks from HIROSHIMA NOODUITGANG and INDIREKT. In the tradition of Dutch samplers like Als Je Haar… this is a fine release.