Atavistic Life During Wartime EP

Very loose mayhem thrash. Rapid speed dirge guitar and machine gun drumming are joined with harsh, scrambled vocals. All the songs are fast and raw, putting this band in the ranks of DISORDER, NAPALM DEATH, and CHAOS UK.

Civilised Society? Who Would Have Thought… cassette

This great new English band punks forth some outrageous harmonies with nice musical compositions and crafty guitar work. Male and female vocals add nice touches with the changing paces. So much like the original INSTIGATORS, it’s uncanny. Fab stuff!!

V/A Will Evil Win? flexi EP

A metalcore sampler, featuring ANNIHILATED, CIVILIZED SOCIETY?, LORD CRUCIFIER, and DESECRATORS. Unless you’re really into speed metal, this is pretty hard to take, with guitar wanking all over the fucking place. Only CIVILISED SOCIETY?’s cut is listenable, but a better version appears on their LP. Some good lyrics, and a collective effort.