Some Bizzare

Einstürzende Neubauten Yü-Gung 12″

This is the one band you gotta keep your eye on. After their all-out noisefests, they’ve decided to hit back with their version of pop music. The title track here is a neat little marching Arabic tune very similar to early CAN, and it’s been remixed by Adrian Sherwood to give it this incredibly heavy-footed rhythm. The two songs on the other side are a creepy Exorcist-style tune and a straight version of LEE HAZELWOOD’s “Sand” that would make NICK CAVE proud.

Einstürzende Neubauten Halber Mensch LP

Another “noise band” that has managed to get better technically without sacrificing anxiety or power. Has the original mix of “Yu-Gung” that was released on an EP this year, and there’s even an angelic (or demonic?) choir style on the vocals that gives a neat haunting quality to their sound.

Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel Hole LP

FOETUS has done a lot of bizarre material in the past, but this LP is a classic. As always, this is all written and performed by lone FOETUS, and combines his morbid, poignant, biting poetry and an upbeat, precise musical inventiveness with out-and-out aggressiveness and recording skill. He is many steps beyond CREME & GODLEY, MARK STEWART, or NICK CAVE, although the comparisons are obvious. I can’t scrape it off my turntable.

Test Dept. Beating the Retreat 2×12″

A box set of two 12” discs and literature documenting—via an Orwellian philosophy—the human struggle. Inordinately powerful, overwhelming, and mind-boggling in its successes, this package must be heard. I only need leave you with this quote from the record: “People submerged by the commonplace, programmed by a technology whose language of command, analysis, and control strangles the mind with a cold logic.” Indeed…