Circle of Sig-Tiu Feuer + Asche LP

This powerful album combines some metallic touches with an urgent, dramatic compositional style. All of this results in memorable songs which really clear the air, and there’s a distinctiveness here that should be recognized, too. Very strongly recommended.

Circle of Sig-Tiu Signs of Time LP

This follow-up to their fine debut album, despite some moments of power, shows a decline in songwriting and a notable increase in speedcore tendencies. This band would profit by increasing their influences rather than narrowing them.

Distortion X El Topo LP

This album of gruff, terse hardcore contains more than a few moments of gritty diversity where DISTORTION X has a chance to demonstrate its wrenching, discordant style. Compositionally, this record lacks the good cuts it needs, but there’s good power and aggression here.

Schweinepest Wir Wollen Leben EP

Hot German thrash with instrumental punch and gravelly vocals à la INFERNO. Also, the songs have good hooks and incorporate elements off other styles, e.g. a reggaefied break in the title track and a rockabilly-tinged lead in “Bruno.” The results are excellent.